Jeenyus Entertainment is the parent company of Jeenyus Productions and Jeenyus Music. 

Jeenyus Productions was formed in 2016, when five actors living together in California decided to create a web series around their experiences. Creating a production company was the natural outcome of wanting to produce that series. Wendi Foy Green, mom to one of the five, came alongside as a business partner in the venture (because everything is better with a mom along for the ride).  Wendi has extensive experience in the entertainment industry having been in it herself for over 30 years.  

What started as a fun experiment quickly sprouted into a full scale parent company, now run by Wendi, Austin James and Cooper Green. With the mantra of, “If they can do it, we can do it”, Jeenyus Music was formed. Cooper & Gatlin, a brother/sister duo, is the label’s first artist. Kim Nieva serves as the label’s A & R. Kim has extensive experience in the music world having worked at several labels in various positions. 

Jeenyus Entertainment has a focus on high growth in all realms of the Entertainment Industry, but what’s most important to this crew is that they love what they’re working on and who they’re working with.