Cooper & Gatlin

 Cooper & Gatlin are a brother and sister pop duo from Franklin, Tennessee, a quaint town outside of Nashville known for being the perfect combination of small town meets big city. Spend some time around these two and their fondness for each other is evident. It comes through with a playful, needling energy you’d expect from an older brother-younger sister dynamic. Having grown up hanging around their dad’s studio and touring with their mom, they both knew they wanted to do music from a young age. 

The family moved to Los Angeles in 2014 and Cooper & Gatlin have spent the past several years honing their craft as songwriters and musicians and perfecting their sound, which draws on their various disparate influences ranging from The Kooks and Nickel Creek (Cooper) to Kevin Garrett and Norah Jones (Gatlin). By forging their inspirations, the duo recently wrote a batch of new left-of- center pop songs that include their electronic-meets-acoustic debut single “Break.”