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Emerson Heights

Emerson Heights is a story of love that seeks to answer the age-old question... can you follow your passion, and still follow your heart?

When Cody McClain (Austin James), an aspiring actor trying to make it in Los Angeles meets Briley Williams (Gatlin Kate James), he is immediately smitten. However, he soon learns that Briley is from New York and has to return home. Not one to let things get in his way, Cody pursues her anyway.

They begin a long term love affair, and attempt to beat the odds of long distance relationships. However, when Cody’s career takes off and he is the lead of a blockbuster film, he struggles to juggle his newfound stardom and his feelings for Briley. His struggle intensifies when his co-star, Haley (Amanda Grace Benitez), reveals her feelings for him, and his manager, Vick (Matt Singletary), seeks to keep his career on track; at all costs.



What happens when you mix the hardcore cougar-craving JT, with oft- confused audition-less actor Caleb, then sprinkle in a dash of accidental cross-dressing Austin and a pinch of comically disillusioned Cooper, all over a base of supposed straight-man Matt Singletary?.......Well, you just might find yourself indulging in the irresistibly delectable world of the Jeenyus Entertainment web series ROOMMATES!....where the warning label boldly cautions: Consume at your own risk of uproarious laughter!

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